Sikari - ensimmäinen K-merkitty vene


Turun Veneveistämö rakensi 1929 kokeiluveneen, jota kutsuttiin muotonsa vuoksi Sikariksi. Se on virtaviivainen porraspohjainen vene, jonka potkuri pyörii täydessä vauhdissa vain osaksi veden alla. Nopeus on yli 40  solmua. 

Sikari on ensimmäinen Suomen Klassikkovenerekisteriin merkitty vene, jolle on myönnetty K-merkintä.

In 1929 Åbo Båtvarf built an exceptional boat, which was named as Cigar because of it's forms. The boat is streamlined with strange bow and propeller at the very end of the boat. The construction is well known for everybody who has seen the speed-boats used by army i shallow waters and still used in South-East Asian rivers.

This boat is supposed to be an experimental construction for testing the hull and propeller, because soon Åbo Båtvarv built high-speed torpedoboats for the Finnish navy.

The owners, Esko and Jani Vahto from Åbo, have renewed the boat and will drive it next summer.  This boat is the first one which has received the K-mark (Classic-marking) in Finland. Thanks are given to Esko and Jani Vahto for saving the boat.