Mirame, Universal Rule 8 m, 1910


Mirame on rakennettu Turun Veneveistämöllä 1910, suunnittelija oli Gunnar L. Stenbäck. Vene on ns "amerikkalainen", rakennettu Universal Rule-säännön 8 metrin luokkaan.

Mirame was designed by Gunnar L. Stenbäck as an Universal Rule 8-metre yacht and Åbo båtvarv constructed her in 1910. The boat was sold 1914 to Sankt Petersburg. In July 2009 the yacht surprisingly participated in the regatta organised in Sweden near Trosa town and Tullgarn Royal Castle, south of Stockholm. The yacht has been totally rebuilt, has gaff rigg and looks great in pictures. The boat was bought  by the chief editor of the magazine Rulevoy (Steersman). After the October Revolution 1917 the boat was transferred to the Communist party´s youth organisation (Komsomolskaja), and renamed as Smychka (Union). She was used in local races untill the Second World War. The boat went to ground and sank at Tolbukhin lighthouse near Kronstadt. After the war she was restored and renamed as Skif (Racing Boat). In 1991 she got back the original name Mirame.

The yacht has survived all these years because she was actively used and maintained as training and racing boat. One explanation is also that constructor Åbo båtvarv and designer Gunnar L. Stenbäck are well known of uncompromising quality in work and materials.