Photographic exhibitions (see the images)


Some of the images on these pages have been shown at photographic exhibitions. Common theme has been sails and dark sea under white clouds and blue sky.

The first exhibition in Estonia was named beauty of sails, in Estonia language. I opposed using the English name, because it´s not possible to use the name of remarkable book of Frank and Keith Beken, The Beauty of Sail. So, exhibition was named Purjede Ilu ( .

The collection of images has been shown in several places in Estonia. The exhibition has been supported by Finnish Institute in Estonia (

The Viapori Trophy is a big sailing event only for wooden boats in Helsinki. Early 2006 the idea of compiling an exhibition of pictures taken at Viapori Trophy grew up. In August 2006, during the sailing event, the exhibition was opened in Viapori (Suomenlinna, Sveaborg) fortress in an excellent hall – an ancient horse stable of old army ! The exhibition was a retrospective presentation of the over 20 years history of this regatta, covering people, boats, beauty and dangers of the sea, sunshine and storms.

The exhibition was carried through by the working group Lauri Juva, Yrjö Klippi, Juha Niiniranta, Mauno Nousiainen and Jorma Rautapää. The pictures came from following sources: Juha Niiniranta, Pyry Klippi, Jorma Rautapää, Suomenlinnan Pursiseura (Suomenlinna Yachtclub) and Puuvenelehti (Wooden Boat Magazine).

In summer 2007 the exhibition visited the Tallinn city and Hiidenmaa (Dagö) cultural center. At the beginning of summer 2008 the exhibition was opened at Kotka town, during 120 years celebration of the Kotka Yacht Club. Since then the exhibition has been at the Finnish Wooden Boat Center, Kotka. At the end of summer 2008 a compact collection of images was present at Käsmu Maritim Museum, northern Estonia, during the Viru Folk Festival.

The renewed exhibition was opened 12th June 2009 at the Post- and customs house Eckerö, Åland. The house was constructed 1838 and serves now as museum and active cultural center. After Åland the photos have been in Cafe Carusel, Helsinki, untill the middle of September.


A new exhibition was opened 1st June 2010 in Turku

Partly new collection of pictures of wooden classic yachts was opened onboard the frigate Suomen Joutsen. The ship (originally Laennec, later Oldenburg) was built 1902 at St. Nazaire, France. She was bought by the Finnish state 1930, and was used as training ship for navy and merchant fleet as well. The ship is now governed by the maritime museum Forum Marinum and open for public at the centrum of city Turku.

In addition to 43 pictures the exhibition gave information about the oldest boats in Finland, and presented the most familiar types of the Finnish sailing boats.

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